Friday, June 6, 2008

12 Oysters a day, keeps the doctor away!

My mother and I went to Brittany for a few days and had a dozen or more oysters every day. The first night, we stayed in Pont-Aven, where Gaugin painted a whole heck of a lot. The next night we were in Pouldaniel at Anne's ex-husband's house. Him and his wife took us around the coast to tons of beautiful view points. We even went and bought oysters at the viverie (the place where they keep them alive - please see photo album) and they opened 4 dozen of them as well as some praires, at a picnic spot by the water. It was a bit chilly, but did not rain so we were thankful for that. These oysters really taste like the ocean and were super fresh.
Isn't this a lovely panoramic view point?? There's even the telescope to help you enjoy the view even more. But in this case, it would not have helped! We drove along what is known as the pink granite coast and saw nothing. We decided to just laugh at the irony. That's La Bretagne, for ya!
The sun! Yes, it finally came out on our last day. We went to Roscoff and stayed right on the water. Gorgeous. We also visited the Ile de Batz where we rode bikes around the tiny island that makes potatoes just for the organic food loving German. Yep - you can't even buy one on the island.
Please see my photo album by clicking HERE.

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Anonymous said...

I want to live in France after seeing all of your photos Eve! I feel reaquainted with the culture I once fell in love with the few times I was there. . . -jd