Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

To think I left the party early!! It is now 3 am and I have been drinking champagne and dancing for hours in an unventilated room full of people smoking and sweating. Vive la France! Starting the 2nd it will be against the law to smoke indoors and judging from tonight I find that to be a splendid idea.

I went to C. Cafe in the 11th arrondissement. My neice's boyfriend is opening this club in a month and this was the preview party. I met a lot of their friends that I had heard about, but never met and everyone was wonderful. I even got to dance an Arab dance (with a little guidance), hands in the air, hips swaying...which is a rare find in Santa Barbara. The group I was with included a Russian, a girl from Martinique, a German, a Lebanese guy born in NY, and a bunch of Frenchies. The city is still alive with sounds of happy Parisiens and I am off to get the stench of smoke out of my hair.

I wish you all a very happy new year full of champagne and fabulous company.

My nieces on either side of me and one of their friends. The club has yet to be renovated before its grand opening in a month, so it will look much more graffiti all over the place.
Artistic photo of my bubbly:


Anonymous said...

Wow.... a smoke-free Paris? It's so hard to imagine, but sounds like a wonderful idea to me!

Glad to hear you're enjoying Paris!

Anonymous said...

omg! sounds amazing!
where are the pictures??

are you staying at your apartment alone? will there be space for me when i come to visit, hmmm?
i'm seriously gonna try and come. probably in the second half of march.
i've been reading stuff about paris and it all sounds so wonderful i want to quit and go now!