Thursday, August 11, 2011

Simply Delicious is Right!

I ventured to upper State Street to check out Plow to Porch organics - a store focused on local produce and, what I find really neat, meat from local, grass or appropriately fed, humanely treated animals. While there I discovered Simply Pies Pot Pies. Being familiar with their sweet, fruit pies, I was intrigued to see savory pies and quiches. I decided to treat myself and purchased a frozen Beef Pot Pie for $8.99. I made it for lunch that day! I didn't follow the recommended directions of brushing an egg wash (didn't want to use an egg) or cream (didn't have any) on top, but I don't mind slightly undercooked/unbrowned dough....especially when it is so divine.
There it is, straight out of the oven. Mmmmmm....
It is hard to explain in words how the grass-fed beef tasted immersed in fresh organic vegetables and seasoned with the perfect amount of spices. The thyme really stood out to me and the richness achieved in the filling was amazing. Each pea tasted very much like a pea, which I know sounds crazy, but things just don't taste as much like themselves as they used to! A very satisfying pot pie indeed!

Simply pies are, just like the box says, simply delicious.

They have a Blogspot blog too!

Santa Barbara to Santa Cruz...Island

My friend Caroline, her mom, and I went on a mini adventure to Santa Cruz Island last week. Arriving at Island Packers in Ventura at 9:15am we were very excited to get out on the water and hit the island. After a bumpy ride out there, we set foot on land and got ourselves oriented.

 We hiked to Smuggler's Cove where we ate our peanut butter sandwiches and apples.

A cold wind blew as we walked back from the warmer side of the island back to Prisoner's Harbor.
This is officially the largest and oldest looking Eucalyptus I have ever seen!

This was a wonderful, little adventure and a great few hours of peace. We checked out some great camping sites and already can't wait to go back!