Friday, March 22, 2013

Cold-Pressed Juice

Mmmmm, fresh squeezed juice. Sure tastes wonderful on a sunny Santa Barbara day. Sure, you could buy your own juicer and the 3-4 lbs of local organic fruits and veggies needed for just one bottle, but why when you can pop over to the Juice Ranch and get yourself a fresh, cool bottle? It costs $10, which at first seems pricey, but just think about it from the cost of the produce to the machine to the time. With a $2 deposit for the bottles, your next juices only cost $8! And in my opinion, it's worth it. Instead of 2 Starbucks coffee drinks in a week, have a juice instead. Fennel in the Machine is my favorite...

Juice Ranch
33 Parker Way, Santa Barbara, CA 93101
Phone:(805) 845-4657

The Shop, Soooo Santa Barbara

The Shop Cafe is bound to become a favorite spot for hanging out and enjoying great home cooking, especially by us Santa Barbara folk! The relaxed, welcoming feel is so inviting and once your eyes hit the menu options, your taste buds will make sure you keep coming back to try everything! Started by four locals, this is a great example of wonderful, creative people coming together to make a business happen.

You can see right into the kitchen to watch the magic happen. There is indoor space to dine in or a spacious patio with the American Riviera as your backdrop.
Special of the day - Quinoa salad with kale, tangerine, squash, and other goodies! Check out all those pistachios on top!

The General Sanders fried chicken sandwich (my favorite right now). The brioche bun is homemade, as is everything on that beautiful thing - the coleslaw, the pickled onions, the pesto-y sauce. The chicken was perfectly moist and not too oily.
The breakfast items are also so enticing! I enjoyed the Rolex, like a breakfast wrap with egg, bacon, avocado and a tomato relish spread inside, which is made on a type of Ugandian flatbread (called a Rolex) the co-owner's discovered while in Africa for their nonprofit The Boso Foundation. Amazing fusion going on here! I love this about The Shop - each menu item has its own story to go along with it, whether it's actual ingredients or culinary notes or just a story to how it got its name.

During the Santa Barbara Bowl season, they will open their doors into the evening to blast tunes of the featured band and so us concert goers have an amazing place to grab a bite to eat and a beer before a show. Personally, I can't wait!!

730 North Milpas

Mon - Sat: 7:00 am - 4:00 pm
Sun: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

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