Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Sunny Side of the Seine

15 degrees Celsius, people!! Absolutely wonderful, wonderful day. I sat on the bridge between Ile St.Louis and Ile de la Cite and listened to the American blues band, while the sun warmed my back. And since I was so close to Berthillon ice cream, I just had to eat some: red currant and red peach. Yum (sorry Chris!!). Above, is a photo of Pont de la Tournelle with a statue of the patron saint of Paris, Ste Genevieve, who is said to have saved Paris from Attila the Hun with her prayers, in 451.

I then saw the movie "Juno" which is a very entertaining movie. Luckily, they show movies in the original version so I could see it in English. After the movie, I bought a Pariscope and walked down Boulevard St.Germain, since it was still such a lovely temperature. Upon my return to my neighborhood, I noticed a lovely crescent moon glowing all alone on a deep blue backdrop. I attempted to capture it without a tripod so it's a bit fuzzy, but it seems to work anyhow.