Friday, January 18, 2008

La Vie en Rose

A rosey sunset this evening, after a grey, grey, grey, wet day. Not too shabby. I spent most of my day working on my resume in French, as well as my cover letter. Thankfully my aunt came over and helped me out. I feel like written French is a whole other language!

I have taken on the great task of reading the unabridged version of Dumas's Count of Monte French. I read the abridged version and it became my favorite book. It is only right that I read the original, unabridged version. I think it will take me all my time here to finish reading it!

Below is a photo of a goat cheese that I have already forgotten the name of. Yes, it's moldy and stinky and ever so tasty! I told the cheese guy that I adore all chèvres and he smiled and went into the back and returned with this cheese. With a 1/2 bottle of Cote du Rhone and a salade, the evening was marvelous.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Brioche au sucre

One word: yum.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Fresh Air

This past weekend I went to Nocé to visit with my second mom, Anne, and her sons. She lives in a wonderful, old farmhouse amidst beautiful rolling fields. We all had a lovely time catching up and just hanging out with one another. The photo above is of some of her horses. They are magnificent animals, full of personality.

The job search continues and I understand the frustration French people have with the current set-up of the whole thing, as well as the high unemployment! But I am determined!!

How are you all?