Sunday, May 15, 2011

Holy Moly!

A few weeks ago my friend/business partner and I got to meet Anthony Bourdain and Eric Ripert after their presentation at the Arlington, which was very enjoyable to watch. It's all a blur to me now, but I am pretty sure I mumbled my entire question and turned beet red. I am a huge admirer of Bourdain's writing and am very inspired by his unique style. Thanks Chefs for smiling politely at us and for being real people, not big headed famous people.

Mon Cher Petit Valentien

Oh Petit Valentien, how happy you make me. Jeff and I dined here last week and were reminded where we should be spending money on eating out. We shared the Norwegian smoked salmon plate and the homemade pate de campagne plate. The salmon is melt-in-your-mouth delicious. The pate was wonderful as well, accompanied by cornichons, saucisson, confit figs, and spicy mustard. These starters are only 9 dollars! Seen above is a very drinkable white grenache from Spain. Light yet still with enough going on to stand up to duck.

For my main course I enjoyed the duck breast with a blood plum sauce (and one on top!) served over a bed of mashed potatoes and baby spinach. The mashed potatoes were rich and creamy, which means they must have put a good amount of that wonderful, addictive butter that accompanies the little bread rolls in it. The blood plum was sweet and tart and the duck was very flavorful and ducky. Only $18.50! Unbelievable.
And just because we were enjoying ourselves so much we decided to indulge and order dessert. This is the flourless chocolate almond cake, which, as server Chris recommends, should be warmed up. Not too sweet at all (just as I like my desserts) and still satisfies that need for a bit of chocolate at the end of a meal.
Petit Valentien, you rock. We will be back.