Sunday, May 13, 2012

Divine Culinary Moments in Los Angeles

Cube Cafe, with their super fresh ingredients and wonderful combinations of flavors, creates an incredibly satisfying dining experience.As well as appetizers, pastas, main dishes, and sides, one can order cut meats and cheeses. Above is a gorgeous pile of Bresaola. Extremely tasty and sliced to order.
Mimmo’s burrata - charred market radicchio, aged balsamic, spiced walnuts, house rosemary focaccia. The burrata was rich and creamy and with the radicchio and walnuts, oh what a perfect bite!
Leek and braised bacon raviolo - ricotta, egg yolk, brown butter, parmesan. Wow. This dish was so very satisfying. The boldness of the filling flavors and the somehow light butter sauce was wonderful with the egg yolk and fresh pasta. We cleaned the whole plate till it was white again.

English pea tortellini - prosciutto brodo, pea tendrils. Fresh, fresh, freshness. We were amazed at how much fresh pea flavor was packed into each tortellini. The pea tendrils still had bite to them. The broth, well, I couldn't get enough of it. It felt like it could cure anything. 
With our meal we enjoyed a Frascati, which I was quite surprised to see on the menu and at only $30!
Niman ranch pork t-bone - braised black lentils, sauteed spinach, roasted garlic & thyme
vinaigrette. Perfectly cooked pork. I am going to use the word fresh again here as this seems to be the real key word here. Everything tastes like it was just picked, never frozen and it is all treated with respect in the kitchen.
Black magic cake - cream cheese, chocolate sauce. Indulge yourself and dive into this chocolate lover's must. It's all about dark chocolate with a touch of sweetness.

615 N. La Brea Avenue, Tel. 323-939-1148 x1
Tuesday-Saturday: 11am-11:30pm, Sunday-Monday: Closed