Friday, May 30, 2008

Veuve & Lacroix

Last night, my aunt invited me to join her (through her friends invitation as a patron) to an art showing at the Christian Lacroix store by St.Sulpice. The art was very unique and colorful, much like Lacroix's creations. I fell in love with a dress, but at 1800 euros I thought it best to resist the temptation (!). I also found a black purse, but found it quite special because it was square and had aquamarine colored lining inside it. At 590 euros, I resisted once again. They had a fantastic catering company that made wonderful little mouthfuls of flavors and with a little Veuve Clicquot, life felt quite grand! And to top it off, Christian Lacroix came in to his store to see the show! He breezed through, examining the art, and then disappeared. I stood within a meter of him! Crazy.
After a few coupes, we all went to the Deux Magots restaurant, located in front of Eglise St.Germain. There were all sorts of characters out and everyone you see at this place always appears to be quite an important person. Their demeanors and the way they speak to one another and the waiters is always fun to watch. Quite enjoyable indeed!

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Anonymous said...

Brangelina just gave birth there...i say you go stalk them, take pictures, sell them, and give me some of the $ since it was my idea :)