Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Adventures in Snow

Friday I was blown off a ski lift! Up in Mammoth for the weekend, my boyfriend and I went off to the slopes in a full out blizzard, really. Oh, but how epic it was. Fresh powder is really quite a special thing to experience snowboarding. Yes, there were moments of true vertigo when I could not tell where the mountain was and how fast I was really going, but overall, for most of the day, it was amazing. No photos to show for Friday because all it would look like is a mess of whiteness.

Saturday we decided to explore June Mountain. The slopes were quite empty and though the day started out sunny, the snow quickly began to fall again. To change things up on Sunday we decided to cross-country ski. The sun shone brightly that day and we put on our snazzy boots and sleek ski's and took off around Lake Mary. Cross-country skiing is quite enjoyable, except for the downhill part where one gains great speed. Not being a skier at all, I found myself with legs flailing and quite challenged. All in all, it was fun and beautiful.
That evening we dined at the Lakefront Restaurant at the Tamarack Lodge. Cozy and warm in the charming lodge we enjoyed an excellent meal.
 Soupe de Poisson California style, though made by a French chef...
 Miso glazed Cod with seaweed salad on top. Tons of accompaniments like polenta, bok choy, a beet, brussel sprouts, some sort of potato puree, and a cherry tomato. Excessive, if you ask me. The fish was melt in your mouth delicious and a lovely balance between sweet butteriness of the fish and salty soy and miso of the sauce.
 Jeff enjoyed a giant steak with a garlic beurre blanc sauce. Also melt in your mouth.
A super light Tiramisu cake...too light in Jeff's opinion...
The next day we went dog sledding!! Oh what fun to be pulled by 11 bouncy, hyper dogs for about 45 minutes. These dogs are SO delighted to pull you along it is almost comical! Each dog had its own personality and are devoted to doing a good job. What a fine experience.