Friday, July 19, 2013

Kinfolk Honey Event

Everyone! We need to save the bees! Without them, basically nothing gets pollinated. Nothing gets pollinated, nothing grows, and there is no food. Not a good plan. Our dear bees are dying because of pesticides and other toxic things 'popping up' in our environment. The balance is broken! One way to help is to get a beehive. This is one thing we learned at Kinfolk's Honey Event. What a joy it was to see such passionate people speak about their love: bees. On top of infusing our own honey, we were served a delicious, local ingredient lunch on a perfectly decorated table. Kinfolk, you always know how to throw a fabulous party...

 A beautiful bee, hard at work.

 Our very own honey bottle.
 Infusing station.
 The menu, by Kim Schiffer, with reusable utensils.

 Gluten free breaded chicken on salad full of edible flowers.
 Cheese plate including goat cheese made the night prior!
Coconut sorbet and lime basil infused melon.

If you don't know Kinfolk Magazine, you should check it out because they are an inspiration and capture all that I hold dear: friends, gatherings, hospitality, sharing special moments with special people and so much more...

Kinfolk is bringing a series of events to Santa Barbara that they are calling Fruitful Collaborations. Check out the next ones here and get tickets soon as they are small, intimate gatherings!

Oh, the fun to be had! See you there!