Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Tale of Two Cities

Hello! Since I last wrote, I've been to London and back! Last Friday I woke up real early and took the Eurostar to London where I met up with my friend Emma who is visiting from Santa Barbara. We had a lovely time walking around the entire rain and shine. Every traditional English dish was tasted - pudding, pasty's, pie's, fish'n'chips, bangers and mash, etc. Luckily we did so much walking I think we worked off all those heavy meals! Please see photo link to see my London/Bath photos. On Sunday, we took a train to Bath where we stayed the night. I had been to Bath many years ago and thought how lovely it would be to return there and was delighted to hear that Emma wanted to go there. Though we were exhausted from our London night-on-the-town we wandered around the gorgeous little town and the next day, since it was pouring rain, we did all the tourist-y bus tours. We ate lunch at a fantastic local-organic restaurant where everything came from the area, including the fish and the beer. Absolutely fantastic. That same day we left bath, reached London, and took the Eurostar to Paris. Incredible how you can cover so much ground in Europe in very little time.

Two days in Paris and we've already done so much! We've had tea at La Duree and at Mariage Freres, eaten fantastic meals, had a dinner party, listened to jazz till late, and visited the Rodin Museum and the Musee d'Orsay.
The weather has been a little crazy with all these storms coming over Europe, but we've been pretty lucky and have avoided the downpours. It's really wonderful to be back in Paris and even more wonderful to share it with a friend!
Warm thoughts to you all!