Thursday, June 17, 2010

Birthday Fun

Oh the birthday festivities were grand! Year 29 is off to a great start!
Jeff and I went to San Francisco with another couple, Arne and Caroline, for the weekend. We made it to the city in good time and checked into Hotel Monaco just a couple blocks from Union Square. Hotel Monaco is part of Kimpton Hotels and if you want, you can have a goldfish brought to your room!
That night we ate at Jackson & Fillmore, a most divine Italian restaurant. Feasting on delicious antipasti and gnocchi and rich, savory dishes, we enjoyed three delightful bottles of wine. Our waiter looked like he drives a Harley and could beat you up in a second, but his wine knowledge was fantastic.
Saturday we went to Tomales Bay about an hour North of the city. The day could not have been more beautiful and warm. Totally unprepared for full sunshine, we searched for sunscreen and hats in the car.

We spent the day at the Tomales Bay Oyster Company at one of their picnic tables and just enjoyed oysters fresh from the sea. There were oysters of all sizes, though we stuck to the small ones, which we shucked ourselves. What a delight!

That evening after a bit of a rest, we all got ready and went off to dinner at Bix. Bix is a supper club type of restaurant with a jazz trio playing live during your entire dining experience. The super high ceilings, the music, the bar, and the waiters in their penguin suits created a 1940's atmosphere, which we just melted into, dining into the night.
A glorious time indeed!