Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Patience is a Virtue

6 years ago I moved into my cozy condo. At that same time, I had gone to visit an Iris garden up North with my mom, my boyfriend at the time, and his mom. Irises, irises, irises everywhere! The place was a rainbow of beautiful, crazy shaped flowers. As a fun gift, we were given 3 bulbs to plant. They did not tell us what color they were so that it would be a surprise when they bloomed.
Every Spring I would wait, hoping to see my Irises bloom. Mine never bloomed. Till this year andIamsoexcited! Two of the three bloomed, which I think is just fabulous. Here they are!

Easter Brunch

Seen above is my very first eggs Benedict. I learned how to truly poach an egg a few days prior without its yolk breaking or over cooking it and so have been eating eggs like crazy! The sauce is a light lemon Hollandaise my mother taught me how to make using a small amount of butter and lots of lemon juice. All over smoked salmon and French baguette and insert a "yum" here!

Seen below is one of my very first successfully poached eggs on a bed of asparagus in a light vinaigrette, bacon, and shallots. This dish was inspired by dishes Caroline and I have eaten in restaurants and really loved. You can swap out the asparagus for spinach and it still works out fantastically.