Sunday, May 25, 2008

Brunch in Paris

Yes, you heard me - brunch in Paris! It exists here, as I discovered today. It's a Sunday and I decided to find a restaurant that's open. And I found one! La Toque Saint Germain, it is called. I sat down and they asked me if I would also like to see their brunch menu. Amazed, I said, "Yes!" Well, "oui!" Though other items on their menu were tempting I decided to have myself a Brunch menu, which I photographed for your enjoyment.
Now, this made me laugh, they give you the pancakes (with Canadien maple syrup) only after you've finished the "main course" since they look at it like a dessert, I suppose. They also offered coffee (filter coffee - American style) and tea with refills! And you could choose between sausages, bacon, or smoked salmon. Though they forgot my fresh fruit and the service was slow and disorderly, the atmosphere was quite pleasant and the food of good quality so I'd go back.
After brunch, I decided to take advantage of such a delightfully warm, gorgeous day in Paris and rented a Velib' (bikes you rent from stands all over Paris). I rode along the quais, which they close to car traffic to, to allow people to have their leisurely Sunday strolls in peace. I rode all the way from the Citroen gardens to the Pont Alexandre III by the water and then rode all the way back to the apartment.
See the Eiffel Tower in the distance?
One of my favorite view points of Paris on the Pont Alexandre III bridge with its unique lamp-posts and a view of the Eiffel Tower and the American Cathedral.
And a little Indiana Jones to polish off a very wonderful day.


Anonymous said...

I saw Indy this weekend...I fell asleep but I'm sure it was wonderful :)

Seda said...

i love your pictures, i love your stories, i love the food, i love the experiences you're having! i love it i love it i love it!