Thursday, September 1, 2011

Boat Street Kitchen, Seattle

During a busy, weekday lunch hour I walked through the doors of Boat Street Kitchen, tucked away off the street. There I found a bright, airy room full of happy diners and simply decorated tables. I was offered a seat at the 3 stool bar and gladly sat down, eager to rest my feet after walking quite a ways around the city. At the marble counter top, I ordered an iced tea, which they kept filling the moment I was thinking how I wouldn't mind another gulp. Magali's tomato soup tasted extremely fresh and truly showed off ripe tomatoes. A woman, who seemed like the owner, kindly asked if I would like some bread and butter to dip into it since, she said, their bread purveyor is amazing...and she was right.
I followed the soup with wild caught Keta salmon accompanied by fresh squash and beets, ripe and sweet melon, and green salad. I cannot express how fresh all this food was. I wouldn't be surprised if it went straight from their vendor to the pan to the plate. Really, really delicious.
Boat Street Kitchen 3131 Western Avenue, #301
The view from Olympic Sculpture Park...

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