Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Random Seattle Eats

Our first morning in Seattle, we sought out a cool coffee joint. We ventured out into Capitol Hill to Roy Street Coffee & Tea. Thinking we were heading to a none-corporate coffee place, we were quite pleased with ourselves at finding such an awesome spot. Turns out it is owned by Starbucks as more "locals coffee spot" kind of place - which I have to say it achieves. When you order your coffee you choose what beans and how you want it prepared - Pour over (like drip coffee but done that moment), french press, and some other way which I did not quite understand. The coffee is delicious and strong. I found the whole experience quite wonderful and it sure feels like a local's spot with exceptional coffee and coffee experiences. 
This espresso is at Seattle Coffee Works on Pike Street. Though in a touristy neighborhood, this spot is full of locals. They even have a Slow Coffee Area where you can sit for a while and geek out over coffee at the bar and have it prepared the slow way. Really neat! I purchased a Theo chocolate bar made in Seattle - very good!
The Diller Room
$2. Only $2 for 3 beautiful pieces of bruschetta made with super fresh tomatoes. Best happy hour ever! The Diller Room on 1st Avenue. Super local's vibe, fresh libations, friendly staff, and delicious nibbles.
The Boat Shed
The Boat Shed is a restaurant we found in Bremerton after taking the 2 hour ferry ride over from the big city. I think we picked the best things on the menu - steamed clams and steamed mussels. The clams came in a great dill broth. You are right on the water, watching boats pass by and can see the snowy mountain tops in the distance.
A little picnic from our hike at Pratt River Trail. Local cheese camembert style and local sourdough bread. Both quite good!
When I asked where to go eat in Seattle, several people mentioned Piroshky, Piroshky. Though the giant line of tourists almost made me change my mind, I left my negative feelings aside and joined the folks in line. A man behind me asked what Piroshky meant and said he just got in line because everyone else was! I was actually surprised at how light this doughy, heavy looking pastry creation actually was. I chose the salmon pate piroshky...hence the fish shape. I ate the whole thing! I loved how dill infused it was.
My last day in Seattle, my godfather (ha! that sounds funny!) insisted I try the croissants at Cafe Besalu. He claimed they were better than in France! Well, boy were they yummy. The pain au chocolat was to die for and you could tell they used super fresh, high quality butter. It had the perfect crunch, the perfect flaky buttery inside, and the perfect semi-soft piece of chocolate inside. Their drip coffee was also lovely and perfect with my croissant!

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