Monday, August 29, 2011

Elliot's in Seattle

Okay, so August is not oyster season, but we couldn't be in Seattle and not have an oyster! We ordered the Celebration Platter at Eliot's on the waterfront, seen below, with two types of local oysters, Dungeness crab, snow crab, and shrimp. The crab was the best part. Eliot's is your typical touristy spot so don't expect any culinary masterpieces. They have great local beers on tap and apparently a great oyster Happy Hour. The location is quite fun, being able to sit outside and watch the boat traffic and all, the ocean air in your lungs.
The Cioppino was quite good and loaded with seafood goodies. The broth tasted very fresh, tomato-y, and like it was made with a seafood broth as well. The sourdough toast on the side was delightful to dip into the soupiness.
For "dessert", we had picked up fresh, organic blueberries and blackberries at Pike Place Market (for $5 - a steal!). Are you drooling? Because I am! What delicious beauties!

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