Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Santa Barbara Home Cooking

Ladies brunch = delicious success! Between Emma's shrimp salad and Jessica's gluten-free crusted quiche and prosciutto e melone to boot, this was an elegant feast. Finished off with strawberries and fresh whipped cream...makes me drool all over again!
Sweet peas and peonies have to be in my top 5 favorite flowers. Both have extravagant, intoxicating smells. These two smelled particularly amazing. Look at those pinks!
Though I am not a pancake lover, I made pancakes for Jeff on the 4th of July. This was my first attempt at a buckwheat pancake and it was a fine success. I made blueberry ones, apple ones, banana ones, and multi-fruit ones, as seen above.
On the menu this evening: roast chicken. This bird is local my friends and actually tastes like chicken. Half a lemon squeezed and placed in the cavity and some salt and fresh thyme from the garden on top do the trick. Simple and full of flavor. In the oven for an hour and fifteen minutes, basted every 20 minutes with a dry white wine and tada! Roast chicken!

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beatlogik said...

YUM! You are making me miss Santa Barbara! In Ethiopia now and off to the deserts of Sudan in the morning. Let's get cooking when I get back!