Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Good Times & Eats in Santa Barbara

Did you know you can hire goats to clear brush so as to help prevent fires? My condo complex hired some goats, and their guard dog, to clear brush. I could hear the jingle of their bleats from my living room. What fun!
Milpas street has a plethora of Mexican restaurants. My friend was astounded that I had never been to La Colmena. As I do not like to miss out on great food experiences, I met up with her for lunch. This is a very straight forward kind of place...no fluff. Just simple, great tacos on homemade corn tortillas. I enjoyed one of their shrimp tacos and some Alambres. Seen above is the chicken, green chile peppers, and cheese. It must have been cooked with some sort of fat because it sure was tasty! GrubStreet Los Angeles did a comparison with La Super Rica and La Colmena seem to win the battle. I'd have to agree.
Solstice in Santa Barbara is always a grand affair! The sun came out for us, much to the joy of all of Santa Barbara. I thought these zebras were outstanding!! Check out those eyelashes!
Tea time! Aren't those cups cute? Tea at Savoy Deli is such a treat. They carry organic, loose leaf teas and serve them in the appropriate tea pots. A fresh molasses ginger cookie with some Earl Grey tea and you are all set!
Back on the menu at my place, brown rice pasta with a fresh, uncooked heirloom tomato. Besides peaches, tomatoes are my obsession during these summer months. Our farmer's markets are full of both and it is oh so wonderful! Too divine for words...

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