Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Santa Monica in a jiffy

There is always something nice about getting out of town and yesterday, Caroline and I got out of town. Caroline accompanied me to the French consulate where I picked up my new passport and ID card. This was the goal of the LA visit, but so as to make a day of it we decided to stay for lunch and a bit of window-shopping.
A friend recommended the restaurant Locanda del Lago located on the 3rd Street Promenade and Arizona Street. Much to our enjoyment we were seated at a table outside in full sunlight. As we soaked in the rays and vitamin D, we sipped our iced teas trying to decide what to order.
We both ordered the cabbage soup to begin with. It was smooth and very cabbagy!
 For the main course I enjoyed a dish of house made spinach tagliolini in a porcnini, cherry tomato white wine sauce with shrimp. Isn't the presentation beautiful! The dish was quite good, but became a little bland by the end of my plate. The fresh pasta had a lovely chewy consistency.
 Of course a delicious espresso to finish off the meal and get a kick in the rear to walk along the promenade. Overall, Locanda del Lago is a quite enjoyable restaurant. Though I have to say that I think I prefer Trastevere just a block down on the promenade. The atmosphere is better and the menu is more interesting. But I certainly would not disregard this restaurant...it's in the Michelin guide afterall!

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