Friday, January 7, 2011


I have dined at Hungry Cat (in Santa Barbara...there is one in LA) more times than I can remember. Each time I eat a creative combination of ingredients and leave feeling completely content. This time was no different. The copper counters and dark wood furniture create a bistro-like feel reminiscent of Paris eateries. Usually I would have ordered a cocktail right away, but we jumped right into the wine. They make the most amazing, fresh cocktails using fresh squeezed/cut/pressed/sliced everything. The Greyhound is amazing, especially during grapefruit's high season and the Luke's Lemonade cocktail with vodka, mint, and lemon is addictive. But this time, wine. We ordered a lovely Italian Soave which hit the spot. Their wine list changes all the time and always has a nice selection of local wines as well as Greek, Italian, or French and more. I enjoyed the salad special as my starter - fresh crab mixed with frisee, endive, cashews, grapefruit, and a light vinaigrette. The combination of crab and cashews was surprising and delicious. Who would have thought?
Delicious crab salad polished off, enter speck wrapped rainbow trout served with spatzle, sauteed apples, mustard greens, and a mustard creme fraiche sauce. Wow.
I have to admit that presentation-wise, the wrapped trout looked kind of silly, but flavor-wise it was quite delectable. I am constantly amazed by their pairings.
I will always recommend this restaurant. Make sure you are not in a hurry though. Everything is made fresh so things take a bit, especially when they are busy. In my opinion, it's worth the wait...have another cocktail in the meantime!

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Michel Saint-Sulpice said...

Merci beaucoup, Eve, pour partager avec nous toutes tes decouvertes culinaires, à Paris et Santa Barbara. Les photos sont "alléchantes".

C'est le meilleur moment de l'année pour les ballades (hikes).

Bien amicalement,