Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Steinway in Church

In one of the oldest churches in Paris, St.Julien-le-Pauvre, I attended a piano concert las night. A fantastic pianist played Chopin on a Steinway and it was an amazing experience. He had chosen which pieces to play so as to match the ambiance and actual space of the church - a very interesting combination. Only half the seats were filled and it felt as though you were getting to enjoy a private concert.

The weather is significantly warmer in Paris than in the countryside and it's vacation week for Parisians so the streets were filled with people strolling along and the terraces were packed.

Below is a view from one of the zillion little roads in the countryside of the l'Orne. The yellow rape-seed plants are out in full bloom and the fields are literally glowing.

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Seda said...

i still want that butter :)
it looks so yellow and delicious.

it's been rainy and cold in seoul. it went from spring to fall in a week.