Monday, April 28, 2008

9% Oxygen

This weekend I went to Geneva to visit with family friends and get near some snow!Yesterday, I took a day trip from Geneva to Chamonix. My snowboarding plans did not work out, but I did get to go up the Aiguille du Midi to 3,842 meters above sea level (more than 12,000 feet). If you look real closely at the photo, you see a needle like point on top of that mountain and that is where the gondola takes you. You have to take 2 to make it to the top. The oxygen level is 9% compared to 35% oxygen at sea level. It was amazing. I took a zillion photos which you can view by clicking HERE. It's worth a few minutes of viewing. I was above the clouds and you can't tell where the snow stops and the clouds begin. Truly several ways!

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RobCF said...

Jebus that snow looks nice. Do they do Heli-Skiing?