Saturday, February 2, 2008

Flâner à Paris

The mayor of Paris had bike stations installed all over Paris. At these stations, you can rent a bike and drop it off at any other station anywhere in Paris. I took one from in front of the apartment and rode down rue de la Convention, across the Pont Mirabeau (seen above...and you should all read Apollinaire's poem) to the 16th arrondissement.
As you can see, it was a gorgeous, crisp day today. In the 16th, I walked around looking for Hector Guimard architecture (art nouveau architect). The photos are in my photo album if you would like to see more than the one below. I walked all over the place and discovered new neighborhoods and lovely spots.
I got on the 72 bus which rides along the Seine and it was so beautiful today, with the clouds and blue skies. Pont des Arts was my exit and I walked onto the bridge and sat in the sun on a bench, admiring the beauty around me.

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