Tuesday, January 29, 2008

16th Arrondissement

Can you guess what this contraption is?
It's a machine used to make cognac. Beautiful and silly looking all at once!

Today I visited the Musee du Vin in the 16th arrondissement. But before going there, I ate lunch at Cafe Passy. This neighborhood of Paris is very chique and full of Haussmann buildings. The restaurant was full of nicely dressed people, young and old. The food was quite delicious, the ambiance warm, and the wait staff polite.

The Musee du Vin contains all sorts of objects that have to do with wine from forever ago. The museum winds through beautiful, old archways in a historic building. After your visit they offer you a glass of wine to discover something new. I drank a Gaillac from the Southwest of France, which I don't believe I had had before. I enjoyed it very much - earthy and dry.

I love the world of wine.

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