Thursday, September 20, 2012

To Pizza or Not to Pizza - Lunch in Santa Barbara

Olio Pizzeria for lunch! Torn between ordering something new or just eating one of their pizzas (which I have a major addiction to...), I ventured into the unknown of the Olio lunch menu. A variety of salads, sandwiches, and egg dishes made choosing very difficult. I was swayed towards a panini because they made pizza pita things as the bread!
 This is the Cotto sandwich with ham, robiola cheese, and artichoke hearts. Mmmm, good.
My friend enjoyed the butter leaf lettuce salad which looks an awful lot like a salade nicoise... She really enjoyed it as well. Looked delicious.

Of course, their lunch is fantastic and I can't wait to go there for brunch and try one of their egg dishes as they looked very enticing. It's going to be mighty hard not to order a pizza though...

Olio Pizzeria
11 West Victoria Street, Suite 21
No reservations
Open 11:30am-close Daily

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