Sunday, March 4, 2012

World Famous Jalama Burger

Off of Highway 1 down a windy oak lined road you will find yourself in a most wonderful spot in California known as Jalama. This spot right on the ocean boasts a stunning coastline, amazing surf, great wind conditions for kite boarding, and the Jalama burger. I had heard of this famous sandwich but had not tried it yet and was excited to do so. In the little general store off the camping area, we ordered our burgers. We waited for our number to be called and sat in the small indoor dining area staring out at the view.

82 was called and we raced to the window to get our grub. We opted to sit outside at a picnic table as it was uncharacteristically not windy (hurray!). I dove into my burger and found the bun to be super fresh, the meat tasty, the veggies crunchy, and their homemade special sauce a great addition. All in all it satisfied the craving for a somewhat greasy burger and you sure couldn't beat the view!

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