Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Home Cookin'

In the mood to make up a recipe, I seared a half a local, well-treated and fed chicken in my Le Creuset pot (which used to be my Papa's), threw in some shallots, carrots, thyme, diced Yukon potatoes, white beans, and a bit of white wine, lemon juice, and chicken stock. Each of those ingredients had their own moment in the pot so as to build layers of flavor. A couple lemon slices and some thyme on top of the chicken and into the oven the pot went for 45 minutes. Voila!
It may have taken 3 pans to make my dinner-for-one, but it is worth it every single time! 2 Dover Sole filets ($1.75 total!) pan seared in butter with a little lemon juice and white wine. Steamed some Swiss Chard ($2.50) with salt and a little olive oil. Cubed and sauteed one Yukon potato (I threw in some mustard powder just out of curiosity and it added a lovely, earthiness to the potato and a subtle kick).
And ta-da! Dinner is served.


Rebecca said...

Dover Sole! My FAVORITE!! You will have to help me become a better cook my dear friend Eve! :)

Eve said...

:) Will do!