Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Raving About Radishes

On this gorgeous, 70 degree sunshiney day I strolled through Santa Barbara's lovely Farmer's Market. Touches of Lilac, warm strawberries, and sweet peas floated through the air pleasing my nose. All the wonderful signs of Spring arriving shone in bright arrays of colors on all the food and flower stands. One color that caught my eye was the magenta pink of a gorgeous pile of organic radishes. $1.75 later, a little bunch of radishes sat neatly tucked in my laptop bag as I headed home anticipating my first crunchy bite.
Totally charmed by this bunch of radishes, I photographed them on the cutting block I had left them on upon arriving home and then felt artsy and took a shot of them on the blue countertop. Well done Nature!

All prepped for eating I bit into the first one and boy was it radish-y with a nice kick to go along with it. I ate the rest in French fashion with butter and salt...technically I needed bread, but had no fresh baguette.
 The aftermath...
Delicious. I highly recommend heading to the next Farmer's Market and purchasing these little beauties. You will not be disappointed...

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