Sunday, April 3, 2011

Oh, Ojai

On this rather gloomy morning, my friend and I drove to Ojai, only a little under an hour away from Santa Barbara, if you take the scenic route on 150. It was market day and Spring has sprung in our neck of the woods. Aren't these sweet peas amazing? And they smelled it too.
 The wisteria was out in full bloom...
 Found a GIANT nest with three eggs (made from rocks)...isn't it beautiful? Very creative indeed.
We enjoyed lunch at Suzanne's Kitchen on their patio. Seen below is a knockwurst sandwich with sauerkraut, thin red onions, Dijon, and Emmental cheese. The baguette was fresh and crunchy and all the ingredients were great together. Though it was a fine meal, it wasn't a delicious as we had anticipated. It's still a place you should go though, for the patio on a sunny day...
As we were leaving, I noticed a sign with children's handwriting saying: Mark and Maddie's eggs $4 and found a stack of these beautifully prepared boxes of a dozen farm fresh eggs below it. Hard to resist!

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Megan said...

Hi Eve!

I love this post on your trip to Ojai; I take random outings like this a lot and I fully appreciate the pictures that you included about your day. Especially the eggs; I just may have to take a trip down there to pick some up!

Happy adventuring,