Sunday, February 10, 2008

Yum Again

Okay, yes, I went to Berthillon again. I took my great niece Lilas around Paris today and what teenager doesn't like ice cream?! This time I chose chocolate ice cream and pear sorbet and let me tell ya, YUM. It's my new favorite combo. And yes, my pants fit a bit more snug these days!

We walked all over Paris since it was another fantastic day, stopping for lunch in the Tuileries gardens to sit in the sun. We also went to Monmartre, which was on everybody's agenda as well because of the weather. There were way too many people there, but we walked around a bit, enjoyed the view, and came back down to the Seine for our well deserved ice cream snack.

Below, are photos of Sacre Coeur and Place des Vosges.

To think that yesterday I almost forgot to look at Notre Dame as I walked by it. Is that what it is like after you have lived here for years? Do you just walk by history? Do you just waltz on by ancient masterpieces? Imagine growing up here and Paris being all that you knew as a city?

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Seda said...

i think you definitely forget the aspects of the city you live in. but of course, there are those moments when you are hit with the beauty and the splendor and you just go "wow."

meanwhile, did you see amelie in montmartre?
isn't it expensive there? how can a waitress afford a flat there?

anyway, it won't hurt you to gain a few pounds, skinny-pants.