Sunday, December 30, 2007

Bonjour Mes Amis!

I have arrived! My flight was a little bit late, but I got to change my seat to an exit row so I actually slept for the first time ever! The flight left at 9:30 PM and I was tired, so this helped out as well. My neices were at the airport to greet me and off to Paris we went.

At the apartment we shared a bottle of Bliard Champagne with my aunt and my friends Chris and Rachel who were staying in the apartment. Fantastic! Then off to dinner at the corner restaurant. I enjoyed a foie gras stuffed magret de canard accompanied by a gratin dauphinois and a few glasses of a Cote de Bourg wine.

I am now pleasantly full and off to get some rest! I can't believe I am here for 6 months!

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Unknown said...

your dinner sounds awesome...although I have no idea what it means but it reminds me of something they would serve on Top Chef. Hooray you're in France can't wait to read more!