Monday, July 25, 2011

Colorful Santa Barbara

Before leaving on a trip my friend gave me two boxes full of beautiful tomatoes from her communal garden plot. Aren't they glorious? They taste just as good as they look.
Nature is pretty gosh darn amazing. I love this bright green and yellow one.
Jeff bought me a bouquet of lavender when we were wandering through the farmer's market this past weekend. Brownie points were awarded! Thanks for the vase, Mom!

A dear friend and her mom came to town for a very quick visit and we were able to spend a lovely moment together sitting at the beach eating gelato and sorbet from Here's the Scoop in Montecito. I enjoyed a plum sorbet and it was so extremely plummy I could hardly believe it. This is Sylvia's photo below. They enjoyed strawberry and watermelon...pretty in pink!!

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Jennifer said...

We ordered a flat of heirloom tomatoes from our CSA last week! 12+ pounds of the most gorgeous assortment of heirlooms! We canned them in three batches: sweet pepper tomato sauce, mushroom pasta sauce and spicy tomato broth! They are all delicious! Next time you're up here I'll give you a jar. Love your posts! So inspiring!