Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sitting here with a glass of Stella and some salted sunflower seeds, I try to find that ephemeral Muse that dances around my head taunting me with inspirations, making them hard to grasp and hold in my hand. I went to see Ruth Reichl speak today. She was the food critic for the LA Times and then the New York Times as well as the editor of Gourmet magazine and writer of several books around food. I feel all inspired and motivated, yet totally blocked.

On another note, the weather was lovely this morning when I set out for a very long beach walk on Hendry's Beach. The shore has taken quite a beating from the recent storms and the sand has been washed away revealing jagged, horizontal lines of rock jabbing out of the ground. Normally this is athe dog friendly side of the beach full of bouncing balls of fur, but now there is just too much rock protruding and nowhere to run after a tennis ball. Makes for a beautiful landscape, however. We'll see if the tides bring in the sand again to cover up the rocks.
Photo taken with the Instagram application on the iPhone.

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