Sunday, February 13, 2011

Every Timers

Though this last trip to Paris was mostly devoted to discovering new places to eat in Paris I never miss a chance to eat at Je Thé As you walk into the charming, oddly shaped room, walls covered in dark wooden shelves covered with teapots and other trinkets, you are greeted with the smiling faces of Damien (Responsable de cave and manager) and his father Jacky (Chef and owner). Do not be fooled by Jacky's playful demeanor and singing while in service, he's one fantastic, serious chef! Je is one of those places where you will find all types - an older couple out for a treat, young friends laughing, family's reuniting, or a young woman dining alone...well, this probably does not happen often unless said person just HAS to eat there when in Paris at any cost! I did that in April...
Anyways, let's get on with the interesting visuals!

After a coupe de Champagne (100% Pinot Meunier = lovely crispness), the meal began.
First course - Poached egg over a brioche toast on a bed of creamy mushrooms. Earthy decadence on a plate. Caroline didn't stop talking about it the rest of the trip! Yum. Look at that yolk!
 The wine - Crozes-Hermitage seen below. Alive and bold, 100% Syrah. A perfect match for our meal.
Second course - I enjoyed salt crusted duck and Caroline, a lovely piece de boeuf. The duck, as you can see, was cooked to perfection and the saltiness of that fatty crust was heavenly.

Sweetness - Though I am not one for desserts, I always enjoy one here. This dessert was quite an intricate chocolate lovers dream. A chocolate ganache like cake sitting in pistachio sauce with a bit of Thyme sorbet (yes, thyme) on top. WOW. Thyme sorbet plus dark chocolate equals one of the best dessert combos ever thought of. Caroline happily enjoyed her very first Baba au Rhum.

Je Thé, je t'aime. Miam!

Note: During this visit I discovered that this lovely establishment is a fellow Blogspot blogger and while on their blog I discovered the most exciting news - Anthony Bourdain went to Je Thé with Eric Ripert for his No Reservations TV show!!!!! Let's just say that I am in awe and a huge admirer of Anthony Bourdain's writing and view on food. Wow. Here's the blog where you can check out a clip...

Another place I enjoy revisiting is a busy crepe place called Creperie Josselin near the Tour Montparnasse. I'll let the photo speak for itself...but you should know you are staring at two crepes filled with ham, cheese, mushrooms, and an egg...

And to finish off this entry I leave you with images of Les Byzantins goodies we bought To-Go and enjoyed in the comforts of home. This little Greek deli is another place I inevitably eat at not only because it is convenient, but it is all fresh and delicious. Hummus, moussaka, stuffed peppers, 5 euro wine, and other delights. Merci George!

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