Sunday, January 16, 2011

Via Mmmm

Via Maestra 42 just has to be one of the most delicious restaurants we have in Santa Barbara. I have eaten there for lunch many a times and each time the ingredients are super fresh and the dishes are classic Italian fare. Dinner is also lovely and traditional - eggplant Parmesan is divine. Little did we know that this fine establishment also serves breakfast!

Yesterday, on a most fabulously gorgeous day my boyfriend and I went to the farmer's market to purchase goodies for dinner that night. We saw beautiful Chanterelles seen here, but they sure are pricey!
After the market we enjoyed breakfast at Via Maestra 42 on upper State Street. I enjoyed 2 scrambled eggs, ham, and little slices of eggplant with cheese and tomato on them. YUM. This was so insanely satisfying and delicious I do not really know how to express it. Savory and fresh, every bite was a perfect balance of flavors. Included are a few toasts accompanied by fig jam and a little sweet treat called Dolce de Gigi.

Jeff enjoyed 2 eggs over-easy with smoked salmon and a fresh spinach salad. Wow.
Breakfast polished off, we scootered over to Franceschi park and found this view. In the low 70's the sun shone down in all its summery heat and a cool breeze kept it at the reasonable heat of Santa Barbara. This is why it costs a fortune to live here!

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