Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Warm Weather

For a stretch there, we had no sun, just grey gloom. Now the sun is shining bright and everyone is delighted!
A few of my co-workers and I went up to Wine Country to test out this new tour company that is organizing tours from Wine Cask. The sun was blasting and we tasted wines at Happy Canyon Vineyards, perched above vibrantly green vineyards.
We also went to Cimarone Winery and were treated to a homemade lunch up at the owner's (The Higgins) home above the winery. They don't call it Happy Canyon for nothing.
Last night I had a few friends over for dinner and I used my new Julienner/Slicer Mandoline thing to create a zucchini potato gratin. I simplified the gratin by just using cheese and herbs and no cream etc. I also made baked/poached Tilapia with dill, lemon, and white wine. This really allowed everything to stay moist and for the flavors to marry quite well.

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