Thursday, February 28, 2008

Strikes, Strikes, Strikes

Every single day there is a strike. New strikes arise and old ones go on. From transportation workers, to ski station workers, to TV stations, to teachers, to hairdressers. Everyone is upset.
Some of the things people are upset about, I can understand and others I find quite demanding and even things that prevent progress. Change is a concept that people are afraid of here, it seems.
Also, they have finally acknowledged the concept of compensating for overtime work, but company's are complaining about how they don't know how to work it out and how it costs too much.
The whole system is off here. I obviously do not know enough about all of it to really understand, I suppose. All I know is that there is a lot of complaining going on, all the time.
Ah, learning about all these cultural differences. Constantly, constantly learning.

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Seda said...

this sounds wrong, but it's good to hear that things aren't any different here. what i mean is, most westerners who come to korea complain of this and that, but what they have so conveniently forgotten is that the same unfair and unfavorable situations occur where they're from, too.
anyway, i live by the national assembly so there's a protest/strike/"demo" every day.