Friday, January 11, 2008


"C'est un sacre nom ç dangereux!" (Translation: "That's one heck of a name...and dangerous!) This being the owner's response to hearing that my name is Eve. Gotta love it.

I ate at a tiny little place (and I mean, like, 5 tables...) just by the apartment called Couleurs de Vigne. The walls are covered in bottles of all kinds. You can get a glass of any of the wines he has for 2, 50 euros! And if you like it, you can buy it since it is quite affordable. I enjoyed a Cassoulet au Confit de Canard, which was a perfect dish for a wet, dark, and dreary day. And what wine did I enjoy with this classic dish? A St.Emilion (a small village in the Bordeaux region). I could not resist the pear tart for dessert, so I enjoyed that as well. And un café, bien sur!

I had such a lovely time. Being by myself, the owner brought me a newspaper while I waited for my food and we also chatted a bit. Turns out his brother lives in L.A., though it didn't seem like he visited him much. He addressed me by my name the entire rest of my time there and held the door and shook my hand on my way out. I'll be going back!
Last night I ate at the Bistrot d'Hubert with my aunt. There is a little bar area that looks over the kitchen, with three table settings. My aunt and I sat there, perched above the extremely well organized kitchen and chefs. The whole meal was delicious. I began with some foie gras and followed that with a Dos de Morue (a white fish)...and then some chocolate wonderfulness.

My days have been filled with exploring Paris even more, which means walking a lot! I've been figuring out the bus system as well and find that more enjoyable than the metro since you get to see everything!

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Anonymous said...

Bien Eve! De belles photos et heureusement de la marche pour compenser les desserts... Bonne chance! /Charlotte